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I Am Bubbles A Cruelty Survivor Trying To Bring Some Light and Positivity To Others. I Am Bubbles.
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Bubbles is an animal cruelty survior who was surrendered to our city shelter with a gunshot wound to the face and a shattered jaw. From there she was rescued by Houstonpetsalive and that’s where we met her and signed up to be her medical foster family. She needed to undergo several surgeries to repair her right eye, remove her right inner ear and remove a portion of her lower jaw. It took approximately 8 months to complete all four surgeries. Once the surgeries were complete we officially adopted her. Fortunately she has never shown much fear and recovered quickly from any emotional trauma that she endured. Bubbles is full of life and enjoys meeting people and playing with other dogs. She is so happy and is always smiling then enjoys major snuggles whenever the opportunity arises. She is an advocate for “pitbull” type dogs, against animal abuse and domestic violence. Her smiling face gives people a reason to smile and her story inspires others to keep fighting through their struggles.

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An inspiring tale of a bond between a dog and her best friend overcoming great odds.

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Our Mission: I Am Bubbles was created to encourage compassion and empathy towards others and to share Bubbles’ light and positivity with everyone.

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  • Local Schools: Read the book to the kids and visit with Bubbles

  • Hospitals: Bubbles can go room to room to greet patients

  • Veterans: Bubbles loves our country and supports our military

  • Senior Care Facilities: A meet and greet is always a special time

  • ​Libraries: Read together and learn about bubbles story

  • ​Television Appearances: Awareness around people, animals and abuse

  • Local Events: Meet and greet with Bubbles and awareness resources

  • ​Local Shelter Adoption/Foster Events: Meet and greet with Bubbles

  • ​Radio Station Interviews: Share Bubbles story and bring awareness

I am Bubbles visits the Houstons Morning Show
Kilyn Horton and I am Bubbles do a television appearance and internview.
I am Bubbles giving a fan kisses  at a local event. Fan is holding a copy of Bubbles Finds Hope book and plush toy.
I am Bubbles visits the Little Darlings Pinups for Pitbulls event.
I am Bubbles visits children at local hospitals and schools to spread awareness and love in the Houston Texas area.

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