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Is Bubbles in any pain?

Was anyone ever charged criminally with her abuse?

No, Bubbles has recovered completely from her trauma and lives a pain free life.

No, no one was ever charged or arrested for her abuse.

If I see or suspect animal abuse, should I report it?

Yes. Firstly, you are allowed to remain anonymous. If possible, have photos or videos to back up your statement. Secondly, animal abuse is often a sign of other abuses within a household. By reporting animal abuse you could be saving someone else from abuse.

How did you meet Bubbles?

Is Bubbles afraid of anything after her trauma?

What is Bubbles favorite thing to do?

It was very much by chance. We had recently lost our 11 yr old pittie to cancer and we felt it was time to adopt another one. We were volunteering for HoustonPetsAlive! and because we were actually inquiring about a dog named Ava, and by mistake there were two dogs there named Ava, we were introduced to Ava (now Bubbles) and immediately fell in love.

For the most part no. However, sometimes she will get anxious about certain noises, like pings on the phone, a fly buzzing around her head or certain really loud bangs. She really handles most situations really well.

Bubbles really loves going out to meet people but she also really loves to CUDDLE!!

Does Bubbles have any fur siblings at home?

Yes, she currently lives with four other rescue dogs.

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