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When you purchase the book, you are then able to share Bubbles story and spread awareness to your own children, friends and well as continue to fund our ability to donate plush toys to children all over the Houston area.

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With every purchase of a Bubbles plushies one will be donated to a child that could use a little cheering up. This could include a child in a hospital, a domestic violence shelter or a CPS facility. Ideally, if allowed, Bubbles will be dropping of the donations in person during her therapy visits in the Houston area.

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Do you know of an event that we should be at? Are you organizing an event and want us there? Would you like Bubbles to come pay a visit to a local shelter, hospital or CPS facility? **Kilyn is fully vaccinated and will also wear a mask during every visit when requested.**

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"Kinder Morgan hosted a Volunteer Fair in January of 2020 and invited Bubbles to attend with the Houston Pets Alive folks and she was the hit of the event. Bubbles brought smiles to our employees and many stood in line to pose for a picture with her. One of our employees posted on her Instagram "Best day ever" with a photo of her and Bubbles. Bubbles exemplifies hope and forgiveness and brings light to everyone's day when they see her smile. Bubbles is a great reminder to support wonderful organizations such as Houston Pets Alive so they can continue to rescue and heal precious animals like Bubbles. We loved having her with us for our event and hope to have her back again." 

-Linda Warner, CFM Director Of Facilities

"Bubbles is the perfect therapy dog. People are always drawn to her when she walks into a room. She will melt your heart. You immediately want to hug her. Your heart will break because of what she has been thru, but it also shows everyone that you can go on after a tragedy and still live a normal, happy life. She is the sweetest, most loving dog I have ever met, and to have gone thru what she has gone thru says everything about her. She is a survivor. She is an inspiration to everyone she meets. She has been the star at several of Houston Pets Alive fundraisers. She raises not only awareness of animal abuse but also domestic abuse. I love her as everyone always does that gets an opportunity to meet her. Bubbles, go spread your love to the world."

-Roger Hooper, Houston Pets Alive

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